Workin Crazy

When I get an idea I cannot rest until I get it down on paper or canvas or whatever surface I can find!

I have found some wood panels and I have been painting up a storm. This summer I am focusing on working through some fears . We all have fears. I knew a big fella that was so afraid of frogs it was hilarious. 

I fear that I might choose the wrong color or imagery or just make something plain ol ugly. 

Well I have collected so many different surfaces to just keep producing without fear that I am actually finding more freedom in my work. I paint and have fun and cut and glue and smile and keep painting and smiling! It is wonderful.

Here are a few images of some works in progress:

I am filling out the app for the East Nashville Tomato Art Fest this August....should be lots of fun!

This Is Gonna Be The Best Day Of My Life

Go ahead, say it out loud, "This is gonna be the best day of my life."

I was encouraging one my creative nephews the other day to get up and before his feet even touch the warm Texas hardwood floors to just say out loud.....

                                 " Something wonderful is going to happen to me today."

   That simple phrase can change your life. You start to believe it. You start to act on it.

Pictured above is the stove that came with one of our the Harvest Gold color circa 1971?

Well, the backsplash was just as retro but not as adorable. It was that white laminate with gold specks that was the same as the countertop and permanently adhered to the wall. We replaced the countertop and I needed a quick fix for the backsplash before I went mad. 

Eureka! Chalkboard paint! It worked and I have never changed it because I have so much fun with it AND it is functional. I write down phone messages, doctor appts (I know I should use my iphone for that). Most of all I write encouraging tidbits that help me keep moving forward throughout the day.

We all need encouragement. We need each other. We were created for community. We are healthier when we are a part of a community.  That is another reason I do what I do. To help create community and discover everyone's "Artist Within" .When you experience some form of community you have a place to express yourself and create in many many forms. Art is in making a meal, planting a flower, singing a song, writing on a chalkboard. Find a way to create community and then a way to be creative and express yourself. Your soul will be happier and healthier. 


4ftx4ft  All The World Is An Adventure by Karyn Walker  Contact Me for a piece of encouraging Artwork for your home or office @ 

4ftx4ft  All The World Is An Adventure by Karyn Walker

Contact Me for a piece of encouraging Artwork for your home or office @ 


Dreaming out loud takes effort. You must move and possibly even sweat.

dream collage.jpg

You must speak your dreams to bring them to life. Cinderella and Snow White sang their dreams into reality.

Dreaming Out Loud requires tenacity.




  1. the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip.

    “the sheer tenacity of the limpet”

    synonyms:persistencedeterminationperseverance, doggedness, strength of purpose, tirelessness, indefatigability, resolution, resoluteness,resolve,firmness, patience, purposefulness, staunchness, steadfastness, staying powerendurancestamina, stubbornness, intransigence,obstinacy,obduracy,pertinacity


    “she practices her gymnastics routine with the tenacity of a bulldog”

    • the quality or fact of being very determined; determination.

      “you have to admire the tenacity of these two guys”

    • the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence.

      “the tenacity of certain myths within the historical record”

      DREAMING OUT LOUD is active tenacity.

      I like that word tenacity. It seems gritty.

      I have met so many beautiful and tenacious women on my travels. One of these women is my dear friend,

      Amy Q . She inspires me. She dreams out loud. She falls and gets back up again.

      She is a “TRUE TENACIOUS”.

      Amy is a mom to five amazing little dreamers and wife of the coolest hippy roofer in the universe. She has learned what it means to “run the race set before us”. She is obstinate. She has strength of purpose. She is gritty.

      Her tenacity is reflected in the life of her family and her creative photography. They also reflect a beauty in this world that is so often overlooked because of our busy lives. Here is a link to an article she penned awhile back 


      Reflecting beauty.

      I guess maybe that’s what dreaming out loud can also look like.

      It does for Amy Q.